"On the Boards" at Page & Turnbull. A members-only reception and office tour to learn more about the important work of Page & Turnbull, an architectural design, planning, and preservation firm (more...)



           Highlights of Northern California Chapter members and a vibrant community dedicated to cultivating classicism

Save the Date! February 29th, 2016 - Hutton Wilkinson "Celebrating 150 years of Elsie de Wolfe. Details to follow..."

The Panama-Pacific International Exposition Centennial Lecture Series

"Westward the Course of Empire: Maybeck's Palace of Fine Arts at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition with Gray Brechin (more...)

Fulfilling our Mission of bringing quality education to ICAA members and the general public, our programming continues to offer foundational courses on classical moldings, proportion, and the Classical Orders.

Coburn D. Everdell AIA
Chapter President and Director for Education


"San Francisco's Jewel City: The Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915" with Laura Ackley (more...)

The late Nan Tucker McEvoy was a legendary lady - a pioneer businesswoman, an activist, philanthropist, art collector, olive oil lover and an all around visionary.  When told by the county that she had to have an agricultural purpose for her land, legend has it that she mused, "Well, it would be a lot more fun to raise olive trees than sheep". With that vision, McEvoy Ranch was launched.

ICAA members spent a special day at this stunning 550 acre property exploring McEvoy Ranch and its abundance.  Producers of the organic award-winning Tuscan olive oil and McEvoy Ranch wines,  ranch staff taught members about  the  property's unique horticulture from orchard to the bottle, as well as the history, evolution, architecture and design of this spectacular family ranch.

Tour of McEvoy Ranch, Petaluma

The 2016 Julia Morgan Awards! Details to follow....

The Northern California Chapter of the ICAA provides this and upcoming newsletters to help
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Piranesi’s Paestum: Master Drawings Uncovered. Only West-Coast Viewing of Final Works by Celebrated Artist
Giovanni Battista Piranesi


As we continue to plan our 2016 calendar, please check our website for newly announced members-only tours,  "On the Boards" office tours, education classes and lectures, book signings and other first-class programming and events.

~ Designer Day Lunch & Lecture at the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show ~

This year, the Northern California Chapter honored architectural firm, Ike Kligerman Barkley. John Ike, Tom Kligerman, and Joel Barkley opened design firm IKB twenty-five years ago. Today they operate offices in New York City and San Francisco and are widely recognized for innovative residential design and practicing in a traditional style. The firm's projects have been featured in Architectural Digest, and have been awarded the prestigious Julia Morgan Award and Stanford White Award from the ICAA. Their newest monograph, The New Shingled House, was released in October by Monacelli Press.​ ​

If you had been in Rome in the summer of 1541, you might have seen the 33-year old Andrea Palladio rope climbing the ruins of the Forum, measuring the heights and widths of each detail of the columns and entablatures. We have his field sketches so we know what he was up to. Considering the many detailed measured drawings he made, one would think that he would have copied verbatim what he saw into his buildings. Not so. The surface serenity and order of the antique is routinely compromised in his built work. For example, at the Palazzo Chericati the columns intersect each other as they land on the stylobate. At San Giorgio Maggiore the internal cornice dentils crash violently   into each other scrambling to turn the multiple re-entrant  corners. And at the

"Fire up the Scintillator! Architecture, Allusion, and Re-Affirmation at the PPIE Expo of 1915" with Dan Gregory​ (more...)

Northern California Board member, Suzanna Allen, and member Grant Gibson, recently traveled to St. Petersburg and beyond enjoy the splendor of Russian architecture and art. Enjoy Grant's blog "From Russia with Love..."

The Importance of Preservation

 Basilica of Vicenza, his earliest public building, the arches may be all the same diameter but the piers and pilasters supporting them are each of different widths. Such is the nature of an aesthetic language applied to the real world, without resorting to dogmatic solutions. It is amazing we still have to be told where the anomalies are. That is because we tend to see the overall design, and our mind blends the details, just as if you might later realize that this wrd is missing an "o".

What then is the nature of beauty? Steve Bass tells us it's clearly not perfection, but a longing for perfection - amid the lumpiness of reality. Woody Allen said that because reality is messy artists try to make art come out even. Palladio built and borrowed a kit of parts to make his world come out even. When confronted he opened his toolbox and pulled out columns, capitals and cornices; moldings, metopes and meanders; cymas, cavettos and conges; acanthi, astragals and arcades; pediments, pedestals and peristyles; triglyphs, torii, and tondos; volutes, vaults and ultimately Vitruvius to help him make the world come out even. Remember that Palladio’s world was riddled with ugly cattywampus architecture built by additive patches over hundreds of years. With his toolbox he was able to order his environment with classical integrity if not perfection. So we can conclude that learning what's in the toolbox can help us designers tweak modernism and adapt form to function. This is why ICAA listens, learns, lectures, observes and draws; to become more visually literate and to better know and use the classical language in detail. We like looking at architecture but we really want to see what is there…

As 2015 comes to a close, I want to thank our Board of Directors for their efforts and dedication to keeping our mission of programming and education alive in the Bay Area. And a special thanks to the Events Committee for their continuing work filling out our calendar with stimulating and creative events. We've had an exciting Fall with our Panama-Pacific International Exposition series of lectures celebrating the centennial of an extraordinary event in our city's history. Our annual Designer Day Lunch & Lecture at the Fall Antiques Show was once again a sold-out success honoring the dynamic firm, Ike Kligerman Barkley. All proceeds from this event benefit the educational and scholarship programs of the Northern California Chapter. We can proudly say we will be sending a young architect, Michael Juckiewicz of Richard Beard Architects, on scholarship to the 2016 Winterim Intensive at the National Institute in New York.

Because of the generosity and largesse of our event and annual sponsors, as well as our members who regularly attend our events, ICAA-NOCAL is healthy and energetic. I hope you will be able to join us to celebrate our Sponsors and Members at our holiday party on December 15th at the Shears & Window showroom. 

We look forward to the 2016 season with the Julia Morgan Awards, and a new set of lectures, celebrations and classes propagating classicism in all its forms. 

In Firmness, Commodity and Delight, I Remain

Member and Emerging Professionals committee member Michael Juckiewicz of Richard Beard Architects is our Northern California Chapter Winterim Scholarship recipient for 2016. Here is his blog on architecture and more....  

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