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New Heights is a student education program developed by the National Institute. Our Chapter had 54 seventh graders immersed in a week-long study of Classical Architecture history and design focusing on Brunelleschi’s Duomo of Florence, concluding with a sketching field trip to the Palace of Fine Arts. Students made drawings, renderings, plaster castings of architectural details - it was great! The program was photographed and published in the East Bay Times, and we made a video of the student’s work and experience, which we presented at our Julia Morgan Awards. We are extremely proud to have accomplished our 2018 goal to bring this invaluable educational experience to students in our community – it’s the first of more to come.

Our Chapter has been selected by the National Institute to host a San Francisco regional intensive for professionals and students in September 2019. An eight-day immersion course in Classical Studies, it includes analysis, drawing, rendering, history, and field study. This is a first for our Chapter, and we are honored to host national teachers of the core curriculum and students from all backgrounds. The intensive will be staged in the Civic Center’s War Memorial Building’s Green Room – a living classroom of classical architecture overlooking Arthur Brown Jr.’s magnificent City Hall. This is an incredible opportunity for our Chapter Board of Directors in realizing our goal to make 2019 a year of education by expanding classical study programs to enrich our cultural community. Stay tuned for upcoming information on how to enroll in this amazing program and encourage your staff members to sign up. It’s a good way to earn 40 points for your Classical Certificate!

I can report 2018 was a superlative year for our Chapter. We raised a substantial amount of money to spend on education. Our Julia Morgan Awards program is always a spectacular event and this year, the Jury awarded a Student Portfolio & Scholarship for the first time to an emerging professional. The Fall Art & Antiques Show luncheon honoring designer Charlotte Moss was the most successful of its 11- year history. We conducted five core curriculum continuing education studios including a superb day on watercolor wash rendering. We presented four major lectures at the Flood Mansion; Wendy Lesser on Louis Kahn, Emily Eerdmans on Henri Samuel, Steven Semes and Charles Bloszies on adaptive reuse of classical buildings, and Wolf Burchard on Charles Le Brun. Tours of the historic Green Gables, San Francisco’s Hibernia Bank, and the stunning Piranesem Collection of 17th and 18th century Grand Tour souvenirs. Our Artisan Committee concluded the year with it’s unique “Palladio Risotto,” where we came together and explored Palladio’s legacy while preparing risotto for all to enjoy! It has been a busy year for us – we hope you have enjoyed all the good things we have accomplished.

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to our Board of Directors. Because of their commitment and unwavering support, the Northern California Chapter is recognized as a true leader by the National Institute. Our diverse slate of Directors crosses the spectrum of professions from architecture to design, construction to craftsmen and artisans. Each member brings a unique perspective and contribution to our Chapter’s continued success. Having served as President, I cannot say enough about the hard work and dedication of our Board, current and Emeritus, and new members who bring vitality and freshness to our amazing group. I also extend highest thanks to our Executive Director, who tirelessly follows through on the programs we all invent. She is a creative and effective administrator, and we are lucky to have her. I also want to thank our loyal Sponsors and Patrons, our wine sponsor, Charles Krug, our many members and the community at large who support the ICAA. Our events are successful and well attended, thanks to each and every one of you.

In October I took a tour of Sicily, visiting Greek antiquities in Agrigento and other sites. I learned that the Doric temples there were not only the largest but were built 45 years before the Parthenon. All the subtle visual enhancements were in evidence - including the slanted columns, uneven spacing at the corners, entasis, bowed stylobates and bowed entablatures. The Temple of Zeus (480 BC) is larger than a football field in plan(!). Where did these subtle design features and heroic notions originate? And how did they travel intact from Sicily to Athens, ever improving in sophistication? For me Classicism is an endless search for wisdom and visual literacy. It’s alive and continues to draw all of us to its study. Membership in the ICAA is an excellent way to pursue that study. I have been honored to serve it.

Best wishes for 2019!

 As we plan our 2019 calendar, please check our website for other newly announced tours, education classes and lectures, book signings and other first-class programming and events.

Coburn D. Everdell, AIA
Chapter President

For more information on the ICAA Northern California Chapter or to become an Annual or Event Sponsor please contact us at or call (415) 309-6520

Fulfilling our mission of advancing the contemporary practice of the classical tradition in architecture, urbanism and the allied arts, the Northern California Chapter offers educational scholarships for study in the Elements of Classical Architecture programs through the ICAA National Institute. Scholarships are open to all students and emerging architects, interior designers, or artisans living/working in Northern California. For information, contact Executive Director, Nancy O’Connor at

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It is with some sadness that I inform our membership that I am stepping down after four years as President. I will serve as Vice President and oversee Education, our primary mission.

I am proud to welcome Julie Lloyd of Clive Christian San Francisco as our new Chapter President. Like me, she is a graduate of the ICAA Winter Intensive, and was the lead board member in launching our first New Heights program this year at Stanley Middle School in Lafayette.


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